Independence Day

We are leaving our home of 28 years. It has sold!  This is both freeing and traumatic at the same time. 

We’ve raised our 3 children here. We have had celebrations, parties, arguments, births and LIFE here. God is so good!

Our humble home on Heflin has been my own most stable home after multiple moves during my childhood. I think i lived in 8 houses by the time I was 17.  I always HATED moving. I have always associated moving with fear, anxiety and loss. I was a shy and introverted child. It was not easy for me. 

I read a few weeks ago, a study from Dennmark with almost 1.5 million participants over 26 years, recording the lingering and often severe outcomes in physical and mental health as well as social functioning for children who moved frequently. Suicidality, criminal behavior, physical illness and mental problems followed these children into their 40s when the study ended.

Needless to say, my gratitude is immense  that we could stay in our home to raise and launch our children. Stability is NOT underrated. 

We have rescued countless pets. We have buried some fur and feather babies in the yard. This ground is sacred for me in some very primitive way. To walk away, unbelievable strength and much courage is needed. 

It’s like empty nest syndrome magnified because I’m actually taking apart the nest and leaving too.  Having the kids leave was difficult, nearly all at once 2 years ago, and it left me stunned. I would wander in the house, like a mother cat looking for her kittens. Empty…alone and anxious at times. 

Packing up one memory at a time. Things kids made. Photos. Handprints on crumbling plaster. Home Videos (and I have no VCR anymore) Clothes. Household items. China. Paint. Abandoned projects. Hazardous waste. Some must be left behind, ptlroperly dispised of. Some will be briefly cherished, stored. And a few will come with. I want a simpler life. 

Finding remnants of my heritage in decaying boxes that belonged to my parents. Passbook savings from the 50s. Every check register ever. Blank 1977 tax forms. Black and white photos with people I don’t remember. And Then–a WW2 gas ration card and a beautiful glossy photo of my mama and daddy taken at the Shamrock Hotel in Houston. Treasures!! 

I’m packing up any regret and guilt and sending it away.  I have no room in my life or my trailer for it! I have a suitcase full of faith and gratitude. That’s it!  

Organizing and decluttering. Packing. Storage. Donations and  a HUGE and MASSIVE garage sale next Saturday.So here is our new home, a 37′, approximate 10,000lb, 5th wheel. It’s absolutely beautiful inside and out.  

I don’t think I will suffer much in this move, unless I insist on it. 

Adventure awaits in Santa Rosa wine country. My daughter and her family are there.  My faithful husband, 3 small dogs and 2 cats will come on this journey. 

So much to sift through. So many dear friends to say goodbye too. 

But oh so much to come! 

Oh Adventure, please find me! Spirit, transform and transport me! I am ready!

Presenting my new “tiny” RV home!!!

Thank you all for reading my first blog post, written very appropriately on Independence Day.  I promise to keep in touch. Love and hugs to all.  


12 thoughts on “Independence Day”

  1. Mary, so happy for you. I am glad things worked out for you. You aren’t missing anything at work….. I have one year and 5 months and 26 days to go…Lol… sooner if possible. Hope you will be on Facebook so we can stay in touch. Want to continue to read about your adventures….. Happy Trails to you both….

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  2. Mary-i dont understand how to proceed-when i hit like i am asked to log in or register to word press-i would gladly register but it says it for people who have websites or blogs-i have neither (please advise) all the best in your new tiny home
    rich (&Lana)


    1. Thank you (and Lana) so much!! Word press takes a little getting used to, Rich. This is my first blog, so I don’t know all the answers. I hope you’re able to follow me. It seemed a bit “safer” and less public than FB.


  3. I will totally miss you and Steve as you begin your new adventure. Particularly I will miss Steve at T Party where he keeps me honest and down to earth. I will miss seeing you across the way at Emmanuel. But most of all I will miss the spiritual depth of both of you that has enlivened my heart and soul.

    God bless and keep you close. Don

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  4. I’m glad you’ll be keeping in touch on this next phase of life’s big adventure. I miss you very much and am channeling nothing but good things to come for you and your human, canine & feline fam. Stay well and stay happy. Hugs & Cheers to you! 🤗

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  5. Mary, I think you will find Santa Rosa so beautiful ! It is on of the prettiest parts of California . SF is close, and so is Bodega Bay . I know this is a wonderful time in your life. Go with God’s speed and blessing

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